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Steve Coffin Bio  




Steve was born in Portsmouth, England in 1974. He has always loved drawing from a very young age. He developed an interest in the Asterix comic book series and at the age of five began drawing his first comic books.

Steve is a Graduate of Fine Arts from Portsmouth College. It was here that he also discovered his love for music. During the 1990’s, he actively pursued a music career and formed a band called Screeper. The band produced several albums and gained national radio play and several TV appearances in the U.K.

In 2000, Steve moved to Canada. He studied Web Design at Algonquin College and he began working in Multimedia. Steve utilized his Art and Music skills and his work has been used as far away as Jamaica.

Steve is the creator of the independent comic books “Lutu Warrior of the North”, "Kung Fu Engine”. He is also the Author of the Children’s Book “I Want a Bear for Christmas” and in 2013 he published “Swords and Sorceresses - Cartoon Curvy Art Book“.

“I have always loved to draw and I have been drawing comics since I was a child. I was drawing little cartoons at the age of five and art has always been part of my life. Some of my favourite Artists are Albert Uderzo, Kenny Harris, Jim Davis, Takashi Murakami, Owen Gieni and Cal Slayton, to name but a few.”

Steve works in the mediums of pencil, inks, watercolour, art markers, digital painting and vector art.

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