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Art Exhibition in Aylmer, QC  


I am proud to annouce that I am currently Exhibiting my Art for the month of February and March 2018

My Ink on Wood Art will be on Exhibition at Bistro L’Autre Oeil, in Aylmer QC.

"This current series uses the medium or artificially aged wood, India ink and acrylic.

The inspiration originates with the idea of mingling snapshots and the Ukiyo-e style of printed art on wood. Struck by the idea of the permanency of wood and the fleeting images taken with the camera, this imagery depicts a solidity within the ephemeral world of today."

More news to follow.

Bistro L'Autre Oeil Website









  Cartoon Curvy Art Book and Sheena Live    

For the month of February I will be sponsoring the Sheena Live Facebook Live Video Podcast hosted by the ever awesome Sheena Snively. During the Show there will be a prize draw that will include Artwork by me and a copy of my Art Book up for grabs.

The Show is on Wednesdays at 8:30pm Eastern Time starting 8th Feb..
Check her page out here

View the Cartoon Curvy Art Book on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca


  Bigfoot buys a Car Children's Book          

I am proud to announce the release of my new Children's Book - Bigfoot buy a Car.

“One day deep in the Oakwood Forest Bigfoot got a postcard from his Cousin who lived many miles away in the Maplewood Forest.”
Join Bigfoot as he goes on a road trip to visit his cousin...

The book is available now on Amazon.com and also on the other Amazon Stores shortly.

  buy on Amazon.com  
  Cartoon Curvy Art Book    

New Body Positive Art Book by Steve Coffin is now available through Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk

“The word Perfect has been hi-jacked. YOU ARE Perfect to start with. You are the only example of you that there will ever be, and that makes you unique, and that is what makes you Perfect...”

View on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca

The Smallness and the Largeness  


New Childrens Book by Steve Coffin out now!

"A delightful story for young and old about the search for harmony and love..."

View book on Amazon.com or Amazon.ca



  Lucy Chaplin Comic Book    

I am going to have a Pinup in the new Lucy Chaplin Comic book from the Halloween Man Universe by Drew Edwards. It is due out in the Spring but in the meantime checkout the link below for more Halloween Man

Checkout the Halloween Man Comic here



  Lutu Warrior of the North Comic Book    

New Comic Book by Steve Coffin out now!

Previously, Lutu set out on her Quest to find her Sister aided by Sword Master Han and Mo the Dragon. Their Quest came to an end when they lost Lutu’;s Sister after returning from an adventure in Magic Bunny Land. We join Lutu and her friends six months later after they open a Restaurant to raise money to continue their Quest…

“When the age of ice came to an end tales of a great warrior called Lutu came south. This is the story of Lutu, or rather her twin sister Lutu, the lesser known one who was good at cooking.”

To buy Lutu Warrior of the North #6 please visit :-

For more information about Lutu Warrior of the North please visit the website at :- www.stevecoffin.com/lutu


  Steve Coffin partnership with Chunky Robots Buttons    

Steve Coffin has Partnered up with Chunky Robots Buttons to produce an exclusive range of Pop Culture Parody Buttons. After their successful debut at the Ottawa Pop Expo the buttons will be on sale again this year at the Ottawa Comiccon May 8, 9, 10 at the EY Centre, Ottawa, ON.

For more information about the Ottawa Comiccon please visit their website at :- www.ottawacomiccon.com/

For more information about Chunky Robots Buttons <more>


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