Derek the Cat Comic Strip

Welcome to the weird world of Derek the Cat and his Owner Merrill. The comic strips are based on events and conversations from my own life sprinkled
with a large helping of the absurb. Derek interacts fully with people in the same way that the Muppets do and is in the comic strip tradition of Peanuts and Garfield.
The comic strip walks the line between fantasy and reality and Derek often ventures off into fantasy and fiction.

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  Derek the Cat Volume 1 - Comic Strip Book <more>

  Derek the Cat Volume 2 - Comic Strip Book<more>




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  Crash Bourbon goes to Bongo - Comic Strip Book <more>

  Derek the Cat Volume 3 - Comic Strip Book <more>

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  Suckers from Space - Comic Strip Book <Coming Soon>

  Derek the Cat Volume 4 - Comic Strip Book <Coming Soon>

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