Sound Whale - Virtual Band

At the crossroads between digging in the crates, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Beck, dirty Hip Hop Beats and the Prodigy lies the sonic land of Sound Whale. A music project lead by Mr Koffin and under the watchful eye of Rick Wagner and the omnipresent Hanz.

Get to know the Sound Whale Personnel

Rick Wagner
Vocals, Guitar and Bass.
Likes: Doughnuts, Fizzy Plop Beer, Starcrash and Carry on Movies.
Dislikes: Stinky Simon’s Van.

Mr Koffin
Samplers, Keyboards and Triangle.
Likes: Record crackles, Kung Fu Movies, Noodles and long walks on the Beach.
Dislikes: Crocodiles in his Bathtub.

Hanz (Hannah)
Vocals, Incendiary devices and guitars.
Likes: Heat, Mermaids and gravy.
Dislikes: Singing Lobsters.

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